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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Expand the sections below to find answers to commonly asked questions about summer study at Tulane University, or explore FAQs specific to Tulane University students and Visiting Students. 


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Most Common Questions

What are the requirements to take summer classes at Tulane?

With our open admission policy, no testing is required in order to take summer classes. Simply register for the courses that interest you. Some courses may have prerequisites; all students are expected to have fulfilled any necessary prerequisites before starting a summer course.

How do I register?

Students can register for undergraduate summer classes using Gibson online during priority registration in April. Some special programs require students to register through the department or program office. Consult the class schedule for information.

How many credits can I take in the Summer term?

There is no minimum or maximum credit limit for the Summer term. Tuition is assessed based on the number of credit hours you are registered. All courses will appear on your Tulane transcript.

How do I drop a class?

Students can drop courses in Gibson online or by completing a Summer Add/Drop Form until the drop deadlines noted on the Summer calendar. Lack of attendance or non-payment will not drop or withdraw you from a course. Students who do not officially drop a course are held responsible for full tuition and fees. Please note that Gibson will not allow students to drop down to zero credit for the Summer term. Contact the Summer Office for assistance with dropping all courses. 

What if I decide not to attend summer classes after I register?

Gibson will not allow students to drop down to zero credits in the Summer term. Students who wish to drop all classes will need to complete a resignation from the university form available from the Summer Office. Tuition refunds are pro-rated according to the drop deadlines for the session or program for which you are registered. Tuition refunds are not available for all programs. Lack of attendance or non-payment will not drop or withdraw you from a course.

How many sessions are offered at Tulane during the Summer term?

There is only one Summer term at Tulane and includes various sessions that range from one to twelve weeks in length. Sessions include Early Summer, Late Summer, Business, SoPA, and a variety of special programs and courses that meet outside of these dates. Please see individual course listings for specific dates.

What does it cost to attend classes in the Summer term?

Tuition varies depending on the course, session, program and student classification. Please see individual course listings on the class schedule or consult the Tuition page for more information.

What is included with tuition?

Course registration and access to academic facilities, including libraries and laboratories, are included with tuition. Course fees, supplies and textbooks are assessed separately. Housing, dining services and membership to the Reily Recreation Center are available for an additional cost. Some special programs may include room and board in the cost of the program.

Are there any fees for summer classes?

Unlike in the fall/spring semesters, there are no student fees assessed in the Summer term. Students may be charged a laboratory or other supplemental fees per course. These fees are calculated to cover the costs of materials and supplies used in the course and are established by the department faculty offering the course. Course fees are listed on the Schedule of Classes or program website.

How do I pay tuition and fees?

Students must log in to Gibson Online to view bills and current activity, make payments, authorize others to have access, or to request paper statements if required. Contact Accounts Receivable with any questions you may have about your statement at, (504) 865-5368 or toll free (800) 798-7633.

When is the due date to pay summer tuition and fees?

Charges will appear on your student account as soon as you register. Payments are due by the last business day in the following calendar month unless otherwise noted. Late fees will apply after this date. New tuition and fees charges, or adjustments, may be added on a daily basis based on registration during the add/drop period after semester billing has begun.

What is the tuition to audit a summer course?

Students who are given approval to audit a course are charged the same tuition as students taking the course for credit. All students participating in a summer course must be officially registered. Students are not allowed to “sit-in” on summer courses.

Is financial aid for Summer available?

Financial aid for Tulane University students enrolled during the summer is limited and determined by the university’s financial aid office. Some special programs and institutes may offer financial aid to those students who qualify. Visiting students should consult their home institution for information about financial aid.

Is housing available in the summer?

On-campus housing is available in the summer for registered students for an additional charge. Housing for Maymester is only available to Tulane students already residing on campus in the spring. Students must complete a summer housing application available through the Housing Portal on the HRL website.

Can I purchase a meal plan for the Summer term?

Wavebuck$ and Nolabuck$ are available for purchase in the summer and can be used on Tulane’s campus, at Loyola and at participating restaurants and providers off-campus. A complete list of options and instructions for purchasing Wavebuck$ and Nolabuck$ are available on the Dining Services website.

I'm an employee of Tulane University; can I take a summer class?

Yes. SoPA is the main avenue for staff and faculty to be admitted into Tulane for the Summer term. Staff and faculty members should complete an online application to SoPA to be admitted and will then be able to register for courses.

Is the tuition waiver benefit for Tulane employees available during the Summer term?

Yes. Certain programs are excluded from tuition remission. Information on eligibility for tuition remission benefits is available on the Tulane HR website.

Who can I contact at Tulane University if I have more questions?

You are welcome to contact the Summer Office with any questions you might have.

Current Tulane Students

What are the requirements to take summer classes at Tulane?

Tulane University students can simply register for courses in Gibson online during priority registration for fall in April. An advisor signature is not required to register for summer classes, although it is recommended that you consult with your advisor on all course selection issues.

I’m starting at Tulane as a new student in the fall, can I take summer classes?

New Tulane students matriculating in the fall semester must first consult with their Academic Advisor to ensure all summer classes meet curricular and degree requirements. Once your advisor has approved your classes. contact the Summer office for permission to register for the Summer term. 

I’m planning to graduate in May, can I still take summer classes?

Graduating Seniors must complete a summer application for visiting students. Once admitted, you can register via Gibson online during priority registration in April, or through the special program department office. Credits taken in the summer will not count towards your Tulane undergraduate degree. If you wish to include summer credits in your degree/graduation requirements, consult your Academic Advisor.

Can I take summer classes as a Spring Scholar?

Spring Scholars should complete a summer application for visiting students. An advisor signature is not required to register for summer classes, although it is recommended that you consult with an academic advisor on all course selection issues to ensure your summer classes meet curricular requirements.

Are summer classes calculated in my Tulane gpa?

Yes. All classes completed in the Summer term will appear on your Tulane transcript and calculate in your cumulative gpa.

Visiting Students

Who is a Visiting Student?

A Visiting Student is someone coming to take Tulane graduate or undergraduate summer classes who is not currently matriculated in a Tulane degree program. Visiting students include students from other schools and colleges; Spring Scholars; professionals coming back to refresh a skill area; members of the community looking to take a course for enrichment; graduate students needing to take pre-requisite courses for their future studies; Tulane employees looking to take courses prior to applying to a degree program; recent Tulane graduates; and others.

How do I register for a summer course as a visiting student?

Visiting students must complete a summer application to Tulane. Once admitted, you can register via Gibson online during priority registration in April, or through the special program department office. Admission is for the summer only and your Tulane registration concludes at the end of the Summer term.

How does a visiting student obtain a Tulane SplashCard ID for Summer?

Once you are admitted to Tulane as a visiting student, you can obtain a photo Tulane University SplashCard ID at the Campus Services Office in Suite 107 of the Lavin-Bernick Center. For information on how to obtain your SplashCard before you arrive on campus, contact Cards are valid for on-campus identification only.

Do you offer online summer courses?

Tulane offers a limited number of online summer courses. See the Schedule of Classes for details.

How do I request an official transcript once I finish my summer classes?

Information on how to request an official transcript is available on the Registrar’s website. An unofficial web transcript is available in Gibson Online.

If I want to find out more about a Tulane summer course, is it possible to get the syllabus?

Please email the Summer Office and we will try to help you obtain a copy of a course syllabus.

If I want to continue at Tulane after the Summer term, do I need to re-apply?

Yes. Admission for visiting students is for the Summer only in the academic year for which you are applying. Your registration ends on the last day of the Summer term. If you're interested in attending Tulane in the fall you can apply to one of our undergraduate or graduate degree programs.