For Faculty

Newcomb-Tulane College Summer School will offer both online and in-person courses for Summer 2024

NTC Summer School is offering three sessions: Maymester, Early Summer, Late Summer. 

Session Dates
Maymester  May 13 - May 24
Early Summer May 28 - June 28
Late Summer July 1 - August 2

Summer Course Proposals

NTC Summer School welcomes proposals from faculty to teach during one of NTC Summer School’s sessions. Please feel free to submit a course for review via this form: NTC Summer School Course Proposal. The priority deadline to submit course proposals is September 7, 2023. 

The course approval process is as follows:

  • Faculty submits course using NTC Summer School Course Proposal
  • NTC Summer School reviews the course and communicates the decision to faculty member
  • Approved courses are entered into CLSS by the department scheduler
  • Frist approval: Department Chair
  • Second approval: School Dean
  • Third approval: NTC Summer School

Before issuing approval, the NTC Summer School staff will take the following into consideration:

  • Past enrollment numbers
  • Waitlist numbers for previous fall and spring semesters
  • Other relevant information

Instructional contracts for summer teaching are not guaranteed and they are contingent upon a course enrollment minimum of 5 officially enrolled students. The student minimum will be enforced on a course-by-course basis and not calculated on a departmental average. 

Graders and Lab Assistants

Graders and Lab Assistants are not to be listed on the Course Proposal Form, and only classes with 20 or more students enrolled will be eligible to have graders. Courses will have the opportunity to request a Grader(s) or Lab Assistant(s) after they have been approved. If you would like to request a grader or lab assistant, please submit the below form.

Request for Student Assistance

If you have any questions about your NTC Summer School course, please contact us at or