Tulane Students

Current Tulane students may register for NTC Summer School courses when they register for Spring 2024 courses through Gibson Online.

If you are interested in a summer course that has already been filled, let us know here!

Gibson Online

Registration Instructions

1.    Activate your Tulane Gibson online login and Tulane email account

Gibson Online is Tulane’s online registration portal. Sign-in to Gibson and access class registration, grades, schedule of classes, tuition statements and myTulane seamlessly. Your Gibson user ID is also the first part of your Wavemail address (your Tulane email). 

New students will receive an email from Tulane Technology Services with their Splash number (Tulane student ID), instructions for setting up your email, and their Gibson Online logon and temporary password.  If you did not receive your e-mail or password information, contact Technology Services at help@tulane.edu or 504-862-8888 for assistance.

Be sure to check your Tulane email account for important messages about registration, schedule changes and communications from your instructors.  

2.    Plan your schedule using the online Schedule of Classes

Create a course planner using the My Planner feature on the Schedule of Classes. There are several ways to search for classes: by course registration number, title, subject area, status, campus, and instructor. 

Select your desired search criteria and click the “Search All Courses” button to view the results. Be sure to select course sections that have available seats and that have no time conflicts.

You can add a course to My Planner by clicking the “Add” button in the far-right column. As you build your schedule, any conflicts will be displayed with the word “Conflict” in My Planner, or as overlapping blocks when two selected courses have a schedule conflict.

For Course Descriptions: Click on the highlighted course prefix and number (for example ECON 1010) to view the course description. Additional information such as prerequisites, co-requisites, and other important information will appear directly beneath the course.

Please note that if you are registering for a course with prerequisites, contact NTC Summer School for permission to enroll. Students applying to Special Programs & Institutes like Study Abroad, etc. should contact their program directly for registration instructions.    

Online Language Placement: In order to register for a language course at Tulane, students will need to follow our Language Placement Process to determine the appropriate course. If you have any questions, please reach out to summerschool@tulane.edu.   

3.    Register for classes

Once you are satisfied with your planner and you are ready to register, click the green "Continue" button under the Course Cart or click over to the Register (Add/Drop) tab. This will bring you to the registration screen where all of the courses on your planner will appear. Next to each course you'll see a drop down menu that will allow you to add, remove or, if available, waitlist. Any conflicts or error messages will be highlighted in yellow and will need to be corrected at this time. Once all conflicts have been resolved, click "Submit Registration" at the bottom of the page. You are now registered. Click on the Current Schedule tab to review your registration and confirm that you are registered for the courses you selected. 

Summer classes do not have a waitlist option. If there are no seats available keep checking the schedule of classes to see if a seat becomes available, or contact the Summer Office for assistance.

Information and Instructional Videos are available to help you work with Tulane University's online course planning and registration systems.

*A note about registration: check your registration time-ticket on your Gibson Online student tab to see the specific time your registration opens. You can register for classes as soon as your time-ticket opens.  

4.    Review the Academic Calendar(s) for important dates

Students may add and drop courses from their class schedule until the deadlines published online in the Academic Calendar. Keep in mind that each summer session or program has a distinct academic calendar. Students should review the summer calendar carefully to ensure that courses are dropped within the proper time to avoid potential academic or financial penalties. Special programs & summer institutes such as Study Abroad, TESL Institute, etc., may have dates that fall outside of the summer calendar. Detailed dates and information are listed under course information on the Schedule of Classes. 

All tuition refunds are made in accordance with this calendar and are effective the date the drop is processed in Gibson. Please do not hesitate to contact the Summer office with any questions.

5.    Rules to live by

Review the following academic expectations for all Tulane undergraduate students.

Code of Conduct

Tulane University expects and requires academic honesty and behavior compatible with its high standards of scholarship. By accepting admission to the university, a student accepts its regulations (i.e., Code of Academic Conduct and Code of Student Conduct) and acknowledges the right of the university to take disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion, for conduct judged unsatisfactory or disruptive. This applies to all students, full-time, part-time, or transient.

Grade Grievance Procedure

Students who believe a grade to be incorrect should first consult with their instructor to address any discrepancies.  If questions remain or the situation is unresolved, students seeking redress should follow the official grade grievance procedure.


Schedule Changes (Add/Drop)

If you previously registered for a class and have decided to drop the class, click on the Register (Add/Drop) tab on the Schedule of Classes. Next to the course you wish to remove, select "Drop" from the drop down menu on the right. Click the "Submit Registration" button at the bottom of the screen. The course will no longer appear on the registration page. Click over to the Current Schedule tab to confirm your change(s).

Students may change their schedules according to the academic calendar for each session or program. Failure to make schedule changes promptly and accurately results in financial or academic penalties. Please refer to the academic calendars at the beginning of each session’s listings for specific deadlines. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact the summer office.

Most changes to classes in the Maymester, Early Summer, Late Summer sessions can be made via Gibson Online through the last day to drop unless otherwise noted on the Schedule of Classes. However, it is important that you keep in mind that Gibson will not allow you to drop to zero credits. Students who wish to withdraw from all summer classes must complete the Summer Add/Drop Form.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Students who register for courses are financially liable for the tuition and fees. Students should review the summer calendar carefully to ensure that courses are dropped within the proper time period. All tuition refunds are made in accordance with this calendar and are effective the date the drop is processed in Gibson. Students who do not officially drop a course are held responsible for full tuition and fees. Keep in mind that each summer program may have different drop and refund dates. For the most accurate information, contact the summer program directly.

What's Next?

On-Campus Housing & Dining

Information about summer housing options are available from Tulane Housing and Residence Life.  On the site you can learn more about housing options, rates, view important dates and request summer housing. Tulane also offers meal plans and dining opportunities for students.

Get your Splash Card

Once on campus, please visit Card Services, located in the Lavin-Bernick Center (LBC), to obtain your University ID.  Your Splash Card provides access to the library and computer lab and is also your Accounts Receivable card and Meal Plan card. 

Where do I go?

You may find this map useful in navigating your way around campus. You can access a list of building codes here: https://registrar.tulane.edu/building-codes

I still have questions

The Summer Office is here to answer questions and provide assistance - feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to seeing you on campus. 


Find more information about Summer Resources or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.